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The Notification Center is used to send various types of messages from the SEP sesam Server to all active UIs. These notifications inform users about important events concerning the SEP sesam Server or significant innovations by SEP AG related to SEP sesam. Notifications are distributed through RSS feeds, which users can also subscribe to, providing a convenient and efficient way to stay updated.

Key features

Notification Center provides the following features:

  • A dynamic framework for sending various types of messages, keeping users informed about critical events in the SEP sesam environment.
  • Notifications are sent through RSS feeds, an efficient method for users to stay updated on important information, including license violations, unconfigured interfaces, and announcements of new releases, the latest issues and patches.
  • All messages in the Notification Center require a user response and can be resolved or dismissed. Resolved messages (accepted or dismissed) can be tracked and reviewed. The Resolved messages list includes details such as the user who resolved the message and optional comments.

Managing notifications

To access the Notification Center in the Web UI, you can click the notification icon in the menu bar.

Notifications can be in either an open or acknowledged state. Notifications can be filtered using the States drop-down list. An open notification can be acknowledged with the following options:

  • I will fix the issue: The notification remains open.
  • I resolved the issue: The notification is resolved and closed.
  • I dismiss the issue: The notification is dismissed and closed.

Open messages in the notification center require a response. If a message is accepted or postponed, it stays in the Not Acknowledged list, and can have either Open, Later or Accepted state.

In the SEP sesam GUI, the Notification Center can be accessed by clicking the flag, under Monitoring -> Notification Center, or from the menu bar -> Window -> Show Notification Center.

In GUI, to view the messages that have already been resolved (accepted or dismissed), click the Show resolved messages button. The Resolved messages list is displayed under the Pending messages. This list contains all messages that have already been completed with details, such as the name of the user who resolved the message, and optional comment.


Subscribing to RSS feeds

RSS feeds provide a way to stay updated on new releases and features. By subscribing to RSS feeds at notification.sepsoftware.com, users can receive timely updates and important information directly through their preferred platforms.

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