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If a task group is not needed anymore, you can delete it from the Main Selection -> Tasks -> By groups. It is not recommended to delete a task group that still contains tasks. You should first delete or remove the tasks from the group.

Note that it is possible to disable a task group (or an individual task) rather than deleting it whenever you only need to temporarily disable a task group. Unlike deleting a task group, disabling a task group prevents it from running but keeps it available to be easily reactivated again. For details, see Disabling and Enabling Task Group.


  1. To delete a task group, you need to select the group from the list in the content pane. Then right-click the selected task group and click Delete.

    Alternatively, you can also open the Properties window of the selected task group and click Delete.

  2. If there are still tasks associated with the group the Delete button is disabled. You can click Dependency details to display and review the remaining tasks. To delete the group before the tasks in the group are removed, reassigned or deleted, select the option Force deletion and then click Delete.

  3. Note
    The Force deletion option removes the associations between tasks and the task group. The tasks themselves are not deleted.

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