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SEP sesam provides functionality to backup and restore hardware snapshots of VMware virtual environment hosted on HPE Nimble Storage storage system.

This procedure involves configuration steps that are performed on the HPE Nimble Storage management console. These steps provide only the basic information, required to configure the storage system for SEP sesam. For more detailed explanations and instructions refer to the HPE Nimble Storage Administration Guide.

Configuration procedure

To establish connectivity and enable SEP sesam access to the Nimble storage system, configure an initiator group, add an initiator, and set up an Access Control List (ACL):

  1. Log in to HPE Nimble Storage web console.
  2. Create a new initiator group. An initiator group is a collection of iSCSI initiators that are managed as a single unit. Navigate to Data Access and under Initiator Groups click the "add" icon (the icon with the plus sign).
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  4. In the initiator group, click Add and create an initiator. An initiator is a SEP sesam data mover iSCSI client, that is used to connect to the storage array. It is identified by an iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN) and IP address. Enter the IQN and IP address of the SEP sesam data mover.
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  6. To grant access to the volume (VMware datastore), navigate to Data Storage, and then click the volume that contains the VM datastore to open the details view. Go to Data Access tab, click Configure Access and then click Add to add an ACL for an initiator group. Select access level (choose either Snapshots only or Volume & Snapshots) and then select the initiator group that contains your SEP sesam data mover.
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What's next?

To set up the regular backup of hardware snapshots in your virtual environment, you need to add the storage server as a SEP sesam Client and then create and schedule the backup task. For more information see VMware Backup Using Hardware Snapshots.

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