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SEP sesam interface logs

From Main Selection -> Interfaces, you can check the log information of the SEP sesam Server interfaces (sm_alarm, sm_disaster and sm_notify).

SEP Tip.png Tip
As of 4.4.3 Beefalo V2, you can also check your system logs online by using new Web UI. For details, see SEP sesam Web UI.

You can filter the selected interface by using date selection (the from and to date) and search. By clicking Refresh, the updated view is displayed immediately. The logs can be printed or sent by email.

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SEP Tip.png Tip
It is recommended that you configure the interfaces (Alarm, Disaster and/or Notify) to automate sending email reports of errors and license violations, log files, and to help carry out the disaster recovery process in case of a SEP sesam Server breakdown. For details, see Configuring interfaces.

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