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Data store status icons

The icons for the data store status are devided into three parts. At the top bar the clone status of the S3 store is shown, in the middle bar the sanity state of the Si3 store is shown, and at the bottom bar the data store status is shown, e.g., Path, Si3, etc.

Icon Description
Data store state error.png The data store state has errors.
Data store state ok.png The data store state is OK (good).
Si3 S3 state ok sanity state ok clone state error.png The Si3 and S3 store state is OK, the sanity state is OK, but the clone state shows an error.
Si3 state error sanitystate ok.png The Si3 store state shows an error, but its sanity state is OK.
Si3 state.png Shows the Si3 status under the Si3 State tab.


This template should be used for Beefalo-related articles about the data store.