Release of Service Pack 1 of Beefalo V2

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This page is a draft. Treat the information on this page with caution as it may be incomplete.

Service Pack 1 of Beefalo V2 ( SP1) is now available. It is highly recommended to install SP1 as it includes various performance, stability and key fixes. It can be downloaded from SEP Download Center. For the latest release, see Beefalo V2 Release Notes.

Fixed known issues and limitations


  • VM restore with vCenter 7 fails with the API version error, i.e., Version incompatible: apiversion '7.0.0' of vCenter.
  • Archive adjustment by barcode only does not work.
  • If a system load is very high, the <ttt>sm_cmd may hang and blocks other processes.
  • Relocation of MS SQL database via GUI does not work, because it does not provide logical names.
  • Single file restore from a Hyper-V (COPY) backup fails.


  • Remote command hangs, if one line is longer than 16382 bytes.
  • On some Linux systems a backup to tape fails because of unsupported read block size - errno EBUSY.
  • Mounting a VM with multiple disks on Linux mounts only one disk or fails to mount completely.
  • vSphere restore fails with vmx path has no extension because the VM information is cut off.
  • The obsolete GLBV are not deleted.
  • VM backup fails, if a VM name consists only of numbers (especially on Proxmox VE and OpenNebula)
  • Restore fails if the SMS data server does not reset a block size to variable after write operation with LTO 7/LTO 8.
  • Selective restore of a Windows saveset may restore wrong files or it may fail with MTF error due to ESET after a new segment (mainly on the RDX drives).
  • The sm_config_hw changes the device name of tape drive to the wrong value.
  • The savesets from failed migration are used for VMDK mount operation.
  • EOM during restore; when using a tape media pool, during the tape change (Write operation) the next label is not known and the restore fails.
  • SESAM_BACKUP on Windows ends with warning due to thread exit code STATUS_THREAD_IS_TERMINATING with disaster interface.
  • Hyper-V single file restore from RDS fails with The system cannot find the path specified.
  • Restore from the RDX disk drive stalled, STPD log shows an endless loop.
  • Concurrent processes created same unique ID.
  • MS SQL backup is not possible if TLS 1.0, SSL 3.0 and SSL 2.0 are disabled.
  • Update SQL statement for DB:results.source fails, because the size of SQL command string is too long.