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SEP sesam Beefalo overview

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New supported systems

No changes from Beefalo V2, see New supported systems from Beefalo V2.

Discontinued systems

No changes from Beefalo V2, see Unsupported OS.

Known issues

Beefalo known issues:

Severity: CRITICAL

Warning sign.pngSEP sesam v. – (Linux) Backup to VTL library* completed successfully even though there were media write errors reported and backup could not be completed
  • (Applies only to Linux) When backing up to VTL, the VTL library cannot continue writing to the underlying block device due to insufficient space and tracks error. SMS ignores the error and continues writing the data to VTL without sufficient space. Backup log shows backup completed successfully although it actually failed and no data was written to backup media.
    (*This behavior is seen with the QUADStor VTL only.)
Workaround: Download the hotfix from SEP Download Center to your Linux server or RDS and install it by executing the following commands as root in a terminal session. Attention: This operation will stop all running backups.
#>sm_main stop node
#>cd /opt/sesam
#>tar xvzf <hotfix file> 
#>sm_main start node

Severity: MINOR

SEP sesam v. SP2 – Automatic SP update of Windows clients on the Linux Server fails
  • When trying to update the Windows clients of the SEP sesam Linux Server, automatic SP update fails or is stuck in a loop due to the missing sm_execute_update.cmd file.
Workaround: Download the sm_execute_update.cmd file manually from the Linux service pack directory and copy it to the skel directory of the SEP sesam Linux Server, for example, sesam:/opt/sesam/skel # ls -l sm_execute_update.cmd.
Then start the SP2 update of the SEP sesam Linux Server via GUI.

Version Fixed issues


SEP sesam v. – Hyper-V restore with relocation may overwrite the original VM


The previous SP 1 (Beefalo V2 introduced a critical issue which is solved with SP2: Hyper-V restore of a virtual machine to a different location with a new name may overwrite the original VM, resulting in complete loss of data stored on the original VM. This only happens if the original VM is offline (powered off) at the time of a restore. This issue only applies if you are running SP 1 (


Do not perform a Hyper-V VM relocation restore with SEP sesam Beefalo V2 SP1 (


The clustered=... information is stored as part of the source; this leads to misinterpreted relocation pattern during the restore and may result in the original offline VM being overwritten.