WOL - wake on LAN of a SEP sesam client

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  1. SEP Sesam Server Version 4.4 or higher is necessary for WOL!
  2. Download any wake-on-LAN tool and rename it to sm_wol, then copy to the directory C:\Program Files\SEPsesam\bin\sesam whether it is a binary or other executable script. This program will be executed by SEP sesam when the option 'WOL is activated.
  3. Enable "WakeOnLan" on the particular computers and test it first with alternative methods if WOL really works.

Configuration Sesam Server

1. Insert the MAC-addres of the used NIC in "Options" of the client.

Client options 4 0.JPG

2. Now, if the corresponding task is started for the defined client, the SEP sesam Server sends the WOL-signal and starts up the computer before the backup.

Shutdown of a Windows-PC with SEP sesam

To shut down a Windows-PC e.g. after the backup, add these lines to the clients post file (usage in Windows OS). For details, see Using Pre and Post Scripts.

shutdown -s -f -t 120
exit %errorlevel%

Newer Windows systems may need these commands:

shutdown /s /f /t 120
exit %errorlevel%

The exit is neccessary to end this program correctly.