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Merging and deleting leftover snapshots


  • The backup fails and the snapshot is left behind.


Use the virsh utility, as shown in the example:

  1. List the available snapshots for the domain:
  2.  user@hypervisor:~$ virsh snapshot-list <domain_name>
     Name                 Creation Time             State
     Sesam_SF20173828282@XXXX      2017-07-06 08:15:11 +0200 disk-snapshot

    In this example, one leftover snapshot for this VM exists.

  3. List the virtual disks for the domain:
  4.  user@hypervisor:~$ virsh domblklist <domain_name>
     Target     Source
     sda        /path/to//Sesam_SF20173828282@XXXX.snapshot
  5. For each device that refers to SEP sesam snapshot, start a block commit to merge the snapshot:
  6.  user@hypervisor:~$ virsh blockcommit <domain_name> sda --active --verbose --pivot
     Block Commit: [100 %]
     Successfully pivoted
  7. Confirm that the device is now switched to the original disk device:
  8.  user@hypervisor:~$ virsh domblklist <domain_name>
     Target     Source
     sda        /my/original/base.img
  9. Delete the snapshot metadata information:
  10.  user@hypervisor:~$ virsh snapshot-delete <domain_name> --metadata --snapshotname Sesam_SF20173828282@XXXX
     Domain snapshot sesam_snapshot deleted
  11. Delete the snapshot file:
  12.  user@hypervisor:~$ rm /path/to//Sesam_SF20173828282@XXXX.snapshot
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