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Information sign.png SEP AG has discontinued support for SEP sesam version 4.4.3 Tigon (V1 and V2). Instructions are still available for these SEP sesam products, however, SEP AG accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies in the instructions or for the incorrect operation of obsolete SEP sesam software. It is strongly recommended that you update your SEP sesam software to the latest version.
SEP sesam 4.4.3 Tigon SBA training video
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In order to watch the webinars, you only need to register with your name, surname and any existing e-mail address (business or private).

Part I.
SEP Video.png Installation, SEP sesam GUI, Components

Part II.
SEP Video.png Tasks, Scheduling

Part III.
SEP Video.png Job State, Monitoring, Logging, Interfaces