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The SEP sesam GUI can be rearranged almost without limitation. From the menu bar -> Window, you can show or hide different panels or windows and manage GUI layout.

By selecting Manage Layouts option, you can save and manage layouts.

To manage the layout, you have to open and arrange all windows and settings to your liking. Once you are satisfied, give the layout a name and save it. The layout identified with a green arrow is the current (new) layout. By clicking Set as Standard the selected layout will become the default layout (black check mark) and will be loaded automatically for the current user the next time the GUI is started.

The layout comprises the following settings:

  • Windows and frames: Windows that are open and the position of the windows and frames.
  • Current messages: Default settings, such as refresh interval, automatic refresh of the view (cyclic view on/off) and the selection of the displayed drives.
  • Object selection: Expanding the tree selection.
  • Toolbars: The arrangement and look of the toolbar, e.g., buttons with or without a label.

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