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The toolbar enables you to trigger the tasks and get the status overview with just one click. It contains the following icons:

  • GUI dashboard icon Beefalo.jpg Dashboard allows you to handily check SEP sesam operations and their status, and provides key metrics about your backup environment.
  • GUI immediate start backup icon Beefalo.jpg Immediate Start: Backup displays the backup dialog where you can select a task including all other parameters and start the backup immediately.
  • GUI restore assistant Beefalo.jpg Restore Assistant opens the online restore assistant in the external web browser.
  • GUI restore wizard icon Beefalo.jpg Restore Wizard opens the wizard that enables you to start the restore immediately.
  • GUI backup by state option Beefalo.jpg Backups displays the list of all performed backups and their status.
  • GUI calendar sheet icon Beefalo.jpg Calendar Sheet displays an overview of all scheduled, completed and expired events with their current status.
  • GUI about SEP sesam icon Beefalo.jpg About SEP sesam displays the SEP sesam version information.

By activating the option Docking Mode (Menu bar -> Window -> Manage layouts), this toolbar can be moved freely and can also be detached from the main window.

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