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Step 3: Storage Hardware - Drives and Loaders

During SEP sesam Server installation, SEP sesam checks the SCSI API of the operating system for connected storage devices and puts accessible device files (SCSI address) into the SEP sesam database. This auto-detection works for most devices, but for certain types of loaders the connection between loader and drives cannot be recognized automatically. You have to manually verify and configure such devices. You also have to manually configure any backup device that is connected after SEP sesam installation. Note that the procedure differs depending on your operating system (Linux or Windows). For details, see Configuring Loaders and Drives.

SEP sesam displays automatically detected backup devices in GUI: Main selection -> Components -> Loaders. All detected loaders are displayed; you only need to select a loader to review its properties, and then click OK to confirm the loader configuration. It is highly recommended to set the Auto unload function to No.

On Windows, the hardware must be recognized correctly by the operating system in the Windows Device Manager (must not be shown as Unknown Medium Changer) before SEP sesam is installed! For details, see Checking hardware configuration on Windows.

The same procedure is used for the drives. You can view the properties of each drive in the Main selection -> Components -> Drives -> Drive groups/Drives.

If in the drive properties (field Loader) loader is not shown, but this drive should be operated by a loader, the drive was not recognized/configured properly. You can re-configure the drives, as described in Creating or re-configuring drives.

The first drive in the loader is drive 0. If there are more drives in the loader, they will be numbered sequentially.

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