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The Clients component provides a list of all interconnected, in SEP sesam configured computers – SEP sesam Clients – and their properties, e.g., assigned location, operating system, access mode, SBC version, etc. Double-clicking a client opens its properties where you can edit the client's settings. For details, see Client properties.

Right-clicking a client opens the shortcut menu, from which you can select the desired action, such as New Client to add your computer to SEP sesam environment. A client is always assigned to and created within a location. You can also create a client-related report, check whether a client is accessible, update UI server, and cancel current running activities related to the selected client. You can delete a client by right-clicking it and selecting Delete.

As of v. 4.4.3 Beefalo V2, the sm_update_client command has been extended. Now you can check in the SEP sesam GUI if an update for your clients is available. You can update all clients within the location at once or update only the selected client. You can also exclude a particular client from being updated or install SEP sesam component(s) on new Windows clients. For details, see Updating client(s).

You can see more details of the clients' list by scrolling the list with the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, or by widening the content pane by closing or moving the Filter window.

Right-clicking the table header opens a menu that allows you to auto-resize a column or all columns, to hide a column that you are not interested in, and to control which columns are visible by user. Choosing Column Selection enables to select the properties that will be displayed for the clients' list.

Client status icons

As of v. 4.4.3 Beefalo, SEP sesam GUI is redesigned to be more user-friendly. To improve usability, the GUI icons have been redesigned and are now accompanied with additional icons and symbols. The following table shows the client status icons with their description.

Icon Description
The backup execution is disabled on the client.
The client is not accessible.
The system checks if the update is available for the client.
An update is available for the client (may be any of the following: a new SEP sesam package, a service pack or in case of a SEP sesam Server, a UI server update).
The backup execution is disabled on the server.
The server is not accessible.
The backup execution is disabled on the RDS.
The RDS is not accessible.

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