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Using XUSER MaxDB tool for authentication during backup fails with the error XUser not found!


  • The SAP MaxDB XUSER command-line tool can be used to store user log-on data thus simplifying logon to databases. When using XUSER and the script runs as command event, the backup script reports the following error: XUser not found!


  • The SAP MaxDB XUSER tool creates a file .XUSER.62 in the home drive of the corresponding user. If the script runs as command event, no environment is set and thus also not the HOME variable. If the HOME variable is not set, the DB cannot find the .XUSER.62 file belonging to the user and cannot map and verify the key to the user, therefore the command event fails.


  • Export the HOME variable for the root user in the backup script (command event script) as follows:
export HOME
/.../dbmcli .... -U <key> ....
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