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Functional principle

The Novell corporate brand has been acquired by Micro Focus. The Novell Filr product name is now Micro Focus Filr; however, SEP sesam documentation update (such as names and screenshots) to reflect these changes is being done in a phased manner, therefore Micro Focus Filr may still appear under the name Novell Filr.

  • Backup of the whole appliance with SEP sesam snapshot technology, the MySQL DB and the single files over a caching server.

Supported Filr types:

  • Novell Filr appliance 1.01 for VMWare
  • Novell Filr appliance 1.01 for HYPER-V


Backup of Novell Filr Appliances for openXEN and KVM can be done with the Linux Agent for SLES11 inside the VM only. No Hypervisor snapshot is possible. After a Filr Update the SEP sesam client must be re-installed because the root area will be "renewed" during an update


  • Complete and fast Filr appliance restore (including appliance disk and data disk of the VM)
  • Single Database recovery for all installed MySQL Databases
  • Single file recovery of the system partition
  • Single file restore of files from the Personal Storage to a personal storage or to a different location
  • Single file restore of files from Net Folders to same destination or to a different location

Restrictions / known issues

  • Comments and user permissions to a file are not included in the single file restore. But they can be read manually in a 2nd instance via a restore of VM.

System requirements

  • SEP sesam backup server installed on Windows or Linux, see SEP Sesam Quick Install Guide
  • Windows System (Win7/W2008/W2012) for "Personal Storage Backup". Can also be the SEP sesam Server or SEP sesam RDS in case this is already a Windows system.


  • A complete installed SEP sesam Server, see SEP Sesam Quick Install Guide
  • The ssh service must be turned on at the Filr appliance during the installation
  • Firewall ports will be modified with yast
  • Activate the sharing function for "Personal Storage" for each user in Filr


  • Connect to the Filr administration console and turn on the ssh service. After a successful installation and configuration the ssh service can be turned off

Filr1 ssh.JPG

  • Copy it to the Filr Appliance using a program like WinSCP, for example

Filr1 winscp.JPG

  • Install the SEP sesam client --> rpm -Uvh sesam_....rpm

Filr1 rpm client installation.JPG

  • Allow the connection from the SEP sesam Server to the Filr Appliance (In this example the hostname (resolvable) of the backupserver is augenblix.)
    • Command is /opt/sesam/bin/sesam/sm_setup set_client the_hostname_of_the _sesam_backupserver

Filr1 putty sm setup.JPG

  • Adjust the firewall of the Filr appliance
    • connect to the Filr command line and type in yast --> Security and Users -> Firewall --> Custom Rules -> "select with the Tab key the right Zone 'Internal, external, ....' -> Add -> Enter the IP Address of the backup server -> Add

Filr yast firewall1.JPG

Filr yast firewall2.JPG

Filr yast firewall3.JPG

Filr mysql backup1.JPG

Configuration of the Filr Appliance in SEP sesam

  • In the SEP sesam GUI Components -> Topologie -> Add a new client with the Hostname of the Filr appliance (only host names are possible) -> Platform Unix -> OS Linux
    • In case you have a 'special' firewall configuration, change into the tab "Options" and set the correct port range.

Filr add client.JPG

Configure backup tasks for the Filr environment

  • SEP sesam GUI Tasks -> by Clients -> right click at the Filr appliance "New backup Task"
    • Add a Task for the whole file system.

Filr new backup2-2.JPG

    • Add Tasks for all available mySQL databases. One single task for each DB.

Filr mysql backup2.JPG

Filr mysql backup3.JPG

Filr mysql backup4.JPG

  • Add backup tasks for the Filr Appliance VM(s)
    • Example for VMWare

Filr VM backup2.JPG

Filr VM backup3.JPG

Configure backup of the Personal Storage

  • Open the Filr website and login as admin
  • Open the "Administration Console" and add a new User with the name "backup" or something similar

Filr add backupuser2.JPG

Filr add backupuser3.JPG

  • Each User must now share all personal storage folders with this 'new user' "backup". This process has to be performed by each user manually.
    • In this example the user, Christian Ruoff, has shared all his folders with the User "backup account"

Filr share with backup user.JPG

Important improvement
  • To improve the overview of "personal storage" for each user on the "caching server", it is advisable that each user provides the main folder with the name of each personal shortcut.

For example, if you have 5 Users and they all create the folder "Photos" and each shares this folder with the user "backup" you will have 5 folders with the name "Photos" now visible at the caching-server. Every User should create his folder with more specific names, i.e. CR-Photos, Mike-Bayne-Photos, etc. Only then is there enough granularity for the restore admin to seek and find the proper folder.

Preparation of the Windows caching server

  • Install the latest SEP sesam Windows Client on this Server
    • Add this Server as a client to SEP sesam
    • In case the Backup Server is a Windows system, nothing more has to be installed and you can use this
  • Install the latest "Filr Client"

Filr install single file1.JPG

  • Log on with the new prepared backup account which will be used to get all the shared files and directories

Filr install single file2.JPG

Filr install single file3.JPG

  • Select a directory or partition with enough space to save all the directories and files from all replicated shares

Filr install single file4.JPG

  • Make sure that the Filr client updates the shares at least every 30 minutes.

Create a backup task for the shared directory

  • In the next part we will create a backup job to backup the folders provided by the "FILR client". This contains all folders and documents that were released on the user "backup" from the previous example.

Filr install single file7.JPG

Filr install single file8.JPG

Filr install single file9-2.JPG

  • This backup task includes all files which are shared with the "backup" account. This task can run from now on using either FULL/DIFF/INC or COPY backup methodology.


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