Backup of Macintosh PC's

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Macintosh computers can be backed up with a local backup-task on the SEP sesam server under Windows.


  • SEP sesam server v 3.4 for Windows
  • Release of the desired directories on the Macintosh computer
  • Samba server must be installed and running on the MAC


Configure a corresponding backup-task on SEP sesam server with the GUI.

Macbackup en1.jpg

Choose Path Backup as task type. In the example (task name Macy) backup source is the area "pictureworks" which is set in the sourceline.

The backup source is shown like this in the network \\macy\pictureworks. In SEP sesam it's inserted like this //macy/pictureworks/*.

Please note that the special Mac data attributes can not be saved using this method.