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SEP AG has discontinued support for obsolete SEP sesam versions. Instructions are still available for these SEP sesam products, however, SEP AG accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies in the instructions or for the incorrect operation of obsolete SEP sesam software. It is strongly recommended that you update your SEP sesam software to the latest version. For the latest version of SEP sesam documentation, see documentation home.

SEP sesam Release 4.0.3

Latest Version

Updating your Sesam Installation

In case you update from the following versions:

  • 4.x : Direct update from this version is possible.
  • 3.4 / 3.6 : Please update to the latest version before you continue to update to 4.0.3. This version can be found in the download archive:

Former release

Important changes

Attention: Important Changes

Since version the EOL for FULL/DIFF/INCR backups is only applied to original savesets not to migrated ones!

Deleting a DISK medium removes saveset files from disk

Until SEP sesam version 4.0.2 saveset files on disk had to be removed manually after deleting media with the GUI. Now all related files and directories are deleted by SEP sesam.

Disk store instead of DISK_HARD is created during installation

For self testing Sesam has created a DISK_HARD media pool. Now new data store backup medium is used.

Known Issues

Known Issues
Backing up Lotus Notes on Windows is reading the file data from original database since Sesam Version 4.0!
Therefore a restore of Lotus Notes databases may fail! Fixed: v4.0.3.30
Backup ends successful even if a further VSS volume disappeared during backup!
If the VSS Writer destroyed one volume snapshot this was not noticed by the SBC program. Fixed: v4.0.3.20
Migration of savesets where backup source includes special characters (&,*[,]...) interpreted by shell fails
Saveset information, which includes original backup source is not quoted correctly leading to a syntax error form shell or cmd.exe
FIX: Hotfix for sm_sms_copy is available by SEP support. Fixed: v4.0.3.31
Sesam alarm and notification interface doesn't work on Windows Sesam Server any more, if power shell scripts are used
Calling syntax for PS commands is corrupted.
FIX: Hotfix for sesam.dll is available by SEP support. Fixed: v4.0.3.31
Restore of Saveset into file (dump) is not possible from GUI
Correct entry is not made into DB. WORKAROUND: Add -f @@file:<file name> into restore options: Fixed: v4.0.3.25
Warning message during first Sesam server installation
X StartAll 11:11-11:11 0 W002-STARTAL There's no drive configured. This message can be ignored. First drive will be created later during installation.
Media result properties couldn't be displayed on Linux (GUI client runs on Linux)
Sesam jar is corrupted. FIX: Download files files from : Fixed:
System_State NTDS Restore on Windows 2003
The NTDS (Active Directory Domain Services) restore on Windows 2003 is only executed with a complete restore not with selective restore.
Support for Exchange 2007 Single Email Restore
In version the new feature 'Exchange 2007 Single Email Restore' is only supported on Windows 2008 R2. Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 will be supported in the next release. A mailbox database restore is supported in any case. : Fixed: v4.0.3.22
Exchange 2007 Single Email Restore with error MTF_BAD_ARCHIVE
If the restore of Exchange 2007 'Single Email' or 'Mailbox Folder' ends with failure 'MTF_BAD_ARCHIVE' this may not be an error. In all known cases the selected items are restored successfully.: Fixed:
vSphere backup ends with error Wrong thread if more than one VMDK is saved over SAN
This is a known bug in VMware's VDDK library. SEP has implemented a work around for this issue in version Fixed: v4.0.3.20
Overwriting of media using an archive adjustment is not possible in version
Viewing of PRE- and POST logfiles is not possible- Files can be read directly in <SESAM_ROOT>/var/prepost directory
Fixed: v4.0.3.15

Discontinued SEP sesam Server support

SEP sesam Server package installation and support is no longer offered on the following systems:

  • Windows 2000

This does not affect SEP sesam Client packages. For a definitive list of supported SEP sesam Clients please see SEP sesam Support Matrix.

New supported systems

End of maintenance announcement for older SEP sesam versions

  • Maintenance for SEP sesam version 3.6 will end on June 30th, 2012.
  • Maintenance for SEP sesam version 3.4 has been ended on December 31st, 2010.
  • Maintenance for SEP sesam version 3.0 has been ended on December 31st, 2009.

This does not affect SEP sesam Client packages for which there are no newer versions available.

New Features

Data Store

This is a new concept for backup to disk. Instead of using disk media like tapes, data is written into a single file. See "How to use DataStore".


  • Complete redesign of client browser


  • Successfully restarted backups aren't offered in the Restart backups dialog any more.
  • Optimized RMI server access to speed up GUI access over slow network connections


Interfaces with PowerShell Scripts

The use of Microsoft Windows PowerShell scripts (*.ps1) is possible. So instead of Windows command scripts (*.cmd) the more powerful Microsoft Windows PowerShell command line shell and scripting language is usable. PS1 templates for sm_notify, sm_alarm, sm_disaster, sbc_pre, sbc_post, sbc_restore_pre and sbc_restore_post are distributed with version 4.0.

Novell Services

  • Cluster file systems can be selected as backup source with the GUI


VMware vSphere

Support for the new vStorage API backup interface. See Setup Manual for vSphere

Citrix XEN

Backup of host system and meta database

XenServer Backup

Microsoft Hyper-V

Online backup of Microsoft Hyper-V machines

Hyper-V Backup

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is supported with 2 new task types:

  • SharePoint Server - to store the server components data,
  • SharePoint Sites - to store the site collections.

SharePoint Server backs up the SharePoint Server components data and SharePoint Sites backs up site collections with documents.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

To support the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and the backup of replicated Exchange Server 2010 databases (which may be stored in a clustered Exchange Server 2010 environment via Database Availability Groups (DAG)) the new task types 'Exchange Server 2010' and 'Exchange Server DAG' are available.

  • Exchange Server 2010 - to back up the databases which are mounted on the given server,
  • Exchange Server DAG - to back up the Exchange Server 2010 databases that are replicated via DAG.

With 'Exchange Server DAG' even the data from a remote Exchange Server 2010 can be backed up on a separate host which is a member of the DAG and holds a replica of the databases.


The new task type 'Exchange Server 2010' is usable for Exchange Server 2007 as well. Therefore since version 4.0.2 the task type is renamed to 'Exchange Server' and the older one (supporting Exchange Server 2003) is renamed to 'Exchange Server 2003'!


UUID for savesets

Saveset name now includes an additional unique part so savesets from different SEP sesam installations can be merged into one SEP sesam database.


You will find complete CVS change reports here.


Attention: v4.0.3.31 was not released. See Release Notes 4.0.5 for current SEP sesam version.


V4.0 Build 6 R 1.13582

  • BUGFIX: Fixed scheduled archive adjustment without disk loader
  • BUGFIX: Avoid switching to GroupWise handling in the client browser in case of path
  • BUGFIX: (#13942) Check box for the Sesam day will not be preserved in the migration task
  • BUGFIX: (#13829) The Purge DataStore Dialog showed the wrong DataStore name (no functional change).
  • NEW: Provide a function to display a license exceeded dialog in the gui with a curl call
  • NEW: Provide a function to display a ticker in the gui with a curl call
  • NEW: bind new/existing tasks to schedules with one step at task dialog
  • NEW: Add Multi Selection and Change support in the saveset table of the Data Store dialog, used it for 'locked' column.
  • NEW: Implemented property windows for migration events and media events
  • NEW: Implemented property window (right) in the restore events window


  • sm_client - NEW: In 'REMOTE_FILE_COPY': Try to create target directory
  • sm_info - bugfix: Larger buffer to hold complete license output
  • sm_sbc_com_lib - BUGFIX: Saveset copy. Do not use 'stpd_options' (firewall port range) from client of task being copied, but use it from device server
  • sm_sms_copy - BUGFIX: URL encode backup type and source in saveset info of a migrated saveset, to avoid parsing problems by cmd/shell
    • bugfix: Correct SQL statement for 'sqlite' (select count(*) as count)
  • sm_data_store - BUGFIX: Wrong format string of WARNING message during purge leads to an exception
    • BUGFIX: (#13985) Correct format of warning message, if data store could not be freed till low water mark. (has lead to a format exception in Savesets were removed before this error, so space has been freed.
  • UNIX_HAL - NEW: Return correct error message, if tape drive reports an IO Error
  • Windows HAL - BUGFIX: (#13960) Correct quoting of power shell commands including whitespace


  • BUGFIX: (#13632): Fix core dump during restore of large Linux extended attributes. (Buffer was allocated with 'MAX_ATTR_VALUE_LEN', but EA are base64 encoded in stream so we need 'MAX_ATTR_VALUE_LEN*4' of memory

SBC Windows

  • BUGFIX: Since revision 1.10 (change for url download) the '-F none' switch leads to a BackupRaw() operation - means read data from pipe or executable - even if it is called for normal file system Backup()

sbc_es - Exchange Server 2007/2010

  • bugfix: prevent item duplication in case of single item restore by using msl file
  • bugfix: replied and forwarded emails are not restored
  • bugfix: get mailbox databases with set id of the storage group instead of its path

sbc_vmware - vSphere

  • CHANGE: remove libvirt code - use java access instead for configuration files
  • change: backup vmdk with 'ovf' configuration file and possibility to backup only configuration files, subparameter 'vijava=on' activate backup with java classes, 'mode=vmx' backup only vmx files, 'mode=all' backup all files
  • change: -R check names format for sbc_vmware: [ds1] folder/name.vmdk==::==[ds2] folder/name.vmdk because VSPHERE keyword is processed later
  • change: adding -R relocation vmdk for sbc_vmware
  • change: configuration directory: C:\...\sesam\var\tmp\_vadp_\<VM name>\<ssid>\
  • change: vddk_connect options: datacenter, datastore, vm_path, is mandatory for raw backup/restore over vcenter
  • CHANGE: With new I_ACT_END_PROCESSING the further restore saveset processing may be aborted (abort savesets restore after config)
  • bugfix: set correct controller (ide) for virtual disks, if restore vm
  • bugfix: set correct network type, if use several network cards (restore vm)
  • bugfix: set right config of scsi controller, if restore vm


  • BUGFIX: (#14059) Correct handling of exit code, if mysqldump is terminated by signal.


  • NEW: Zarafa user to be saved can be specified by '@list.txt' as backup source. If path doesn't start with '/' file is searched in 'work' directory



  • New License model is supported (Hypervisor RAM, etc.) - Pricelist 1. October 2011.


V4.0 Build 6 R 1.13525

  • BUGFIX: (#13919) full/selective restore of exchange task at restore wizard fixed
  • BUGFIX: (#13818) Avoid Exception if the first defined client is created with UNIX Platform
  • BUGFIX: Allow to browse target database for MS SQLServer in Restore Wizard
  • BUGFIX: Allow to give MS SQLServer '-a move:...' options for restore with size char (255)
  • INVENTORY: BUGFIX: If inventory is started with label check then '-c yes' was set and last argument '-d {drive_num}' was ignored. Now the correct switch '-c' is passed


  • CHANGE: (#13721) Skip migrated savesets during setting of EOL by FDI chain!!!
  • BUGFIX: For restart of 'task group': Enlarge buffer for SQL command to avoid overrun (sm_sepul_event)
  • CHANGE: Trace - Use date with format YYYY-MM-DD in *.lgc files
  • CHANGE: Check output of 'sm_sms_interface getlabel' for token 'Tapelabel' and 'TapeID', because 'Tapelabel' will be read from a BackupExec formated tape too
  • BUGFIX: Zarafa Restore of mailbox items ok again
  • BUGFIX: Exchange Restore: If selected items are in a different order than original items then the lis file must be rewinded to seek for next item's directory


  • BUGFIX: Since version the handling of PNAM streams for very large file names could lead to a sm_stpd core dump (Windows MTF Backup)
  • NEW: Windows Kit with .\bin\sms\sm_sms_tapeutil.exe to analyze tape devices, e.g. "#> sm_sms_tapeutil -d Tape0"


  • BUGFIX: (#13899) BSR Restore: Do not overwrite backup task job name with restore job name bcs this may lead to an overflow in DB insert statement for column task


  • SBC_WIN32_VERSION=4.0A7 BUGFIX: (since Sesam 4.0!) The logic for reading the data from a different location worked only if VSS together with DB operation. So in case of Lotus Notes on Windows the file data was read from original database.
  • BUGFIX: Migration failed since version sbc 4.0A4 (Kit - not released)
  • BUGFIX: GetStandardAttr4MTF() FindFirstFile(...) has set file attribute FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SPARSE_FILE 0x200 for a normal file! Now only the return of GetFileAttributes(...) is checked for FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SPARSE_FILE. This behavior is strange as file system functions should return the same attributes for the same file!
  • BUGFIX: (#13874) SESAM_BACKUP failed with 'Item generator read returns: [WIN32 API error: 2 - The system cannot find the file specified.]' bcs of path ending with '/' (in Kit - not released)
  • BUGFIX: Restore saveset to dump file failed: '-F none' must not set g_sSBC_Argument.eRAWStrmOperation = RAW_RST_PIPE if called with '-f @@file:...'
Exchange Server
  • BUGFIX: MS Exchange 2010 mailbox backup: error occuring - "ExchangeWebService::GetItems: Input string was not in a correct format." - in case of Discovery Search Mailbox
  • BUGFIX: Call #13788 Problem with Exchange restore with version ex2krest.c revision 1.10 - prefix '\\?\UNC\' for network shares
  • BUGFIX: Exchange Server: Re-design GrantFullMailboxPermission method (pass Mailbox object instead of simple user mailbox name). It avoids making wrong SMTP address for further processing.
  • BUGFIX: Problem Exchange DIFF Backup (#13876) CVssOperation::GetLastTimeStamp adapting as there is changed SEP entry in the registry
MS SQL Server
  • BUGFIX: (#13703) If backup retrieves VDC_Flush then retry DB_ReadBlock() to get further data.
  • BUGFIX: If a restore from a MS SQLServer saveset with more than one database was started with a splitted saveset and all selected data on a further media then '-o next' must be set. The reason for this problem was the multiple 'TAPE' block in mtf stream for SQL Server 'all' backup.
  • BUGFIX: Call #13754 - MSSQL Restore into another database failed.
MOSS Sites
  • BUGFIX: Changed the ':' to '_' in the component name to get able to create a directory with same name ...
  • BUGFIX: core dump in case of set up two Content Databases


  • BUGFIX: Call (#13777) (slu.c rev. 1.70) Scan more than 8 scsi ports



  • BUGFIX: In version the Exchange Server backup could fail due to wrong source processing (duplicate '/')
  • BUGFIX: WINDOWS: DataStore size was not calculated correctly as a result some backups failed with "TRANSIENT or PERMANENT NEGATIVE reply: 553 STOR Failed. All available space of media is used, stop writing to media. (0)"


  • If a DataStore Drive was configured with explicit setting the drive number then the device was set to "disk{number}". As a consequence the backups to such drives ended with failure.


  • MOSS Sites backup could fail with Stack Overflow.


  • BUGFIX: On Windows the WorkingState semaphore name was not drive specific so if one drive was waiting this could block the other drives



  • BUGFIX: sm_backup without remove of '\\' in source, e.g. if more than one UNC path in source
  • CHANGE: ANALYSE_RESTORE_LOG(): Do not set state to 'successful' set state to 'with warnings' if sbc output with message 'sbc-2032: Warning: Operation successful with warnings.'
  • BUGFIX: FULL_RESULT_ENTRY() In version Windows the size for the update results SQL statement must be increased for tasks with very long sources
  • BUGFIX: Saytec Loader (loader_devices) was not supported in
  • CHANGE: WINDOWS: In case of DISK_CHNG the hw_drives.device_path is now used if it is set. This allows setting a hw_drives.path with a subfolder, e.g. "D:/sesam_disk" and the mount device to a parent path, e.g. "D:"


  • CHANGE: sbc_es new: options - username,password,server to establish connection with Web Services (-a user=...,password=...)
  • MOSS Sites and Documents
    • MOSS Sites browsing improved
    • BUGFIX: SBC MOSS Site Backup: Backup sites with same name as site collection
    • bugfix: Handle the -R option (relocation) in case of MOSS2KS operation
    • change: Handle the "http://..." backup source and validate it
    • bugfix: site full path issue ... set wrong path during moss2ks backup operation
    • bugfix: do not restore MOSS components if the backup up files are not found in the spbackup.xml, do not trace the MOSS API operations into stdout
  • BUGFIX: Exchange Server (sbc_es): grant permission for user mailbox by using its smtp address instead of simple user name.
  • BUGFIX: Since System_State backup was aborted if some expected (but not mandatory) system files do not exist.


  • GUI with recent changes for DataStore, e.g. cli with -d 1
  • BUGFIX: 'Gray Icon Exception' solved by removing Tooltip Listener


  • BUGFIX: Client Update: Without irritating message 'sm_main could not be started' (java check)
  • CHANGE: Server installation now with DataStore Test-Store instead of DISK Media (WINDOWS)


  • BUGFIX: If a backup item could not be read from VSS snapshot, break further processing and end with failure.
  • BUGFIX: Correct calculation of free/occupied space during creation of test data store
  • NEW: Disaster information for Sesam backup to data store
  • BUGFIX: Do not cut last character from label in SGM file, if line feed is missing. (Wrong label is inserted into 'result_lbls')
  • BUGFIX: sm_sesam.exe added to Windows build, so function remove_saveset is available to remove results entries for deleted DataStore savesets!
  • BUGFIX: sm_arch for DISK_CHANGE on Windows: If hw_drives.path is set with sub-directory, then the MOUNT_CHECK failed. Now hw_drives.device_path can be set in addition to the hw_drives.path to the mounted volume. Example: hw_drives.path = "D:/sesam_disk" and .device_path = "D:/". If hw_drives.device_path is not set then hw_drives.path must be set to a mountable volume.
  • BUGFIX: Restore: Use original saveset Id (sesam date) in case of generation restore from migrated savesets. (Error was "No saveset is found")
  • BUGFIX: Correct calculation of Storage license in sm_start, because function has changed
  • BUGFIX: Avoid error MTF_BAD_ARCHIVE in case of Exchange Server 2007 restore with mailbox databases on different volumes
  • BUGFIX: (#13542) Overwrite media during archive adjustment with physical tape device, if option 'over' is set. Before 'take' was always set in 'sm_arch' call
  • BUGFIX: Create correct 'nosbc' file (not .nosbc) for DataStore on Windows
  • BUGFIX: Create of mail subject file: If file contains CTRL-Z on Windows it is treated as file end. Now file is opened with mode 'rb' which opens file in binary mode. On Unix the additional 'b' is ignored
  • BUGFIX: check, if drive of new datastore does not exist, create new datastore is only allowed, if select an existing drivegroup at drivegroup combobox or set name for new drive group
  • BUGFIX: use table filter at table 'restart task' fixed


  • NEW: Java 1.7
  • CHANGE: Avoid writing a warning message into Sesam main log, if licensed server name only matches with short host name
  • GUI: Allow to set Exchange Server 2007 / 2010 User and Password via Task properties.


  • Support User and Password for Exchange Server backup and restore via command line arguments


  • BUGFIX: Backing up a Network Share results in writing an extra directory build from last 2 chars of Share name.


  • Main Features added:


  • BUGFIX: Since version 1.8R36 a cluster failover was no longer executed


  • BUGFIX: Check if a volume is excluded in case of an 'all' backup before processing VSS snapshot; NEW: Backup source can be specified as key value from sm.ini pathes section, e.g. gv_rw_work:, gv_rw_prot:restore.
  • BUGFIX: Avoid duplicating the last block in case of Exchange 2003 (since sbc.3.6A15 kit

Collected Bugfixes, Changes and New Features

  • BUGFIX: (#12017) Select all mails in a folder if only the folder is selected during OX mail restore
  • BUGFIX: (#12109) Expert Options change 'original target' location to 'new restore target'
  • BUGFIX: (#12126) Set the proper weekly flags for non weekly schedules
  • BUGFIX: (#12135) Incorrect button label in the window media management
  • BUGFIX: (#12258) In case of automatic restore the media pool was written to the DB with attached spaces
  • BUGFIX: (#12553): Fix core dump during processing 'VOLB' blocks in LIS file. Tech: Use 'SafeForeachLL_M' instead of 'ForeachLL_M' because the item will be deleted in loop
  • BUGFIX: (#12568) do not switch to mailbox view if the backup type is EXCHANGE_SERVER_2003
  • BUGFIX: (#12790) Avoid the same file name when copying 'smslis\{saveset}.dat' to RDS because if rds is identical to the SEP sesam Server the target file may became an empty file
  • BUGFIX: (#12819) Couldn't delete user comments of media
  • BUGFIX: (#12836) Job State column contents are displayed incorrectly in the TaskByStatus window
  • BUGFIX: (#12890) RDS installation on Windows starts sm_qm_main. Now only on UNIX the sm_qm_main is started
  • BUGFIX: (#12909) DataStore partition information cannot be determined when the DS is being created on RDS.
  • BUGFIX: (#12914) Set 'restore_extern=n' for 'win32-unicode'
  • BUGFIX: (#12933) Catch 'IndexException' during parsing Cyrus IMAP mail subjects
  • BUGFIX: (#12954) Selective restore with Top Level selection failed (pattern set to '/') solved
  • BUGFIX: (#13242) In case of long database names the name length must be fetched with mask 0x00ff
  • BUGFIX: (HOTFIX): Avoid core dump of 'sm_recover' because of too many savesets or missing saveset information
  • BUGFIX: (Workaround) in 4.0.3 the full saveset info is used for migration but the command line does not accept blanks in arguments especially in the argument -i {saveset_info} so blanks are substituted by '%'
  • BUGFIX: A file intended to not be selectable was selectable when browsing an Exchange Server
  • BUGFIX: A manually entered hw_loader type was overwritten when opened in the loader dialog in case ctrl was type DIR_DISK
  • BUGFIX: add backup type, platform and source to saveset information during migration
  • BUGFIX: Adjust PowerShell to version 1, if Exchange 2007 is running, because otherwise it tries to use Exchange 2010 commands, which does not work
  • BUGFIX: After Volume (Drive Letter) a '/' delimiter must be appended
  • BUGFIX: Allow multiple exclude on NetWare Linux File System in the Client Browser
  • BUGFIX: Allow only COPY backups for 'VMware vSphere' at the moment
  • BUGFIX: Allow to restore a site folder with all documents.
  • BUGFIX: Avoid a 'column name is not unique' exception when trying to use a duplicate data store name
  • BUGFIX: Avoid duplicate last block in case of Exchange 2003 (since
  • BUGFIX: Avoid possible NPE when creating a DataStore with drive and drive group via CLI
  • BUGFIX: Call 'remove_saveset' with journal_flag='n', so the result entry will be deleted from database
  • BUGFIX: Call eject command with device name (drive letter) as 2nd parameter, so SayFuse disk loader will set device offline (fetched from rev.
  • BUGFIX: Check for 'backup_type='BSR_Windows' and data_size=0' to filter out leading BSR task from migration, because 'results.blocks' are always set to '1' if 'data_size'<1024 Bytes
  • BUGFIX: Check for BSR_Windows_PLUS if no BSR_Windows license is available (fetched from v4_0_2_branch rev.
  • BUGFIX: Check if SMS_read is done over socket before using stpd thread structure
  • BUGFIX: Check if volume is excluded in case of 'all' backup before processing VSS snapshot creation
  • BUGFIX: Check, if 'FULL' backup was successful when building FDI saveset chain
  • BUGFIX: Check, if initiator of external backups fits with task type
  • BUGFIX: Checking SBS license was only executed on SEP sesam Server side
  • BUGFIX: CLI Data Store generation: Avoid NPE when creating a DataStore if there are no hw_drives.
  • BUGFIX: ClientBrowser: A selection for backup of Novell NSS mounted row failed.
  • BUGFIX: Correct LIS file name creation for generation restore
  • BUGFIX: Correct parsing of saveset info from SMS to re-insert saveset into DB
  • BUGFIX: Could not browse mount points when located under "All local file systems"
  • BUGFIX: Create 'SLOT_LIST_FILE' for non disk loaders again to get barcode information, but don't use it to get number of slots
  • BUGFIX: DataStoreDialog - Table Savesets: Write the correct value in db when updating locked in the results table
  • BUGFIX: Do not add '/' at begin of backup source (VSS backup fails)
  • BUGFIX: Do not delete result entry during purge of saveset, if saveset is migrated
  • BUGFIX: Do not resend 'sm_alarm' too often when requesting a tape if the tape couldn't be unloaded but is still online
  • BUGFIX: Do not URL encode vCenter
  • BUGFIX: Do not use 'order by ... nulls last' because not supported on PostgreSQL SLES10
  • BUGFIX: Exchange Server Mailbox Item recovery did only recover first mailbox item
  • BUGFIX: Extra kill command for sm_data_server.exe should allow update
  • BUGFIX: In case of a SBS_... license the timeout value was not updated. So the Timeout ticker was not reset
  • BUGFIX: It was not possible to delete a password in the client dialog.
  • BUGFIX: Media Management Dialog: The value of the 'accept EOL' combobox was filled and stored with wrong values in the db
  • BUGFIX: PCBAX script file name must not contain '-' otherwise 'ERROR: BMS0044: The script name is invalid' appears
  • BUGFIX: Preset 'online_flag' with empty string, because otherwise the insert into the results may fail on Linux 'ppc' platform. (Insert of group result entry fails, so no group view is possible in GUI results screen)
  • BUGFIX: RCMD_SEARCH() must check for 'i_LL_search() > 0' otherwise every execution will be treated as failed, e.g. Loading of DISK_HARD Storage Location
  • BUGFIX: Retrieve Cyrus IMAP Mail Subject lines: Do not use hardcoded IMAP path during syntax check to find all mail lines
  • BUGFIX: Set 'loader_drive'='drive_num' for 'DISK_HARD', because it isn't done by the GUI anymore
  • BUGFIX: Since release the sm_disaster.cmd was called with an extra line but cmd.exe does not allow this. PowerShell script sm_disaster.ps1 was executed properly. Now optional 'Loader: .., Slot: ..' is printed in same line (fetched from v4_0_2_branch
  • BUGFIX: The amount values in the SMS Channel Panel of the performance view were only visible in English GUIs
  • BUGFIX: The AutoFilter in the restore wizards' tasks page was no longer working after update to new JIDE lib version
  • BUGFIX: The immediate start of a migration was sometimes shifted to the next day
  • BUGFIX: Trace of DB_Init ctrl variables leads to core dump if ctrl variable contains '%'
  • BUGFIX: Transfer fix of Check-in [35527] on branch v4_0_2_branch: BUGFIX: Remove leading and tailing double quotes in sm_inventory parameters
  • BUGFIX: UNIX: (#12006) Avoid waiting for answer pipe by using child process for answer() and answer_wildcard()
  • BUGFIX: VCB proxy: Removed addition of a leading space in the task source of a VCB proxy job
  • CHANGE: (#12397) 'change_server_name': Update 'commands' and 'command_events' too
  • CHANGE: (#12451) Show Scalix only once in 'sm_client dir' output even 2 config files are found (usually this is a symbolic link)
  • CHANGE: (#12996) Allow individual slot range input for the Archive Adjustment
  • CHANGE: Create random saveset id during migration. Remove ':' from saveset info before starting migration
  • CHANGE: Disable 'locked until' combobox in the media dialog when used in data store context
  • CHANGE: do not allow label change during init if '-c n' is set
  • CHANGE: do not write 'gv_client_sts' any more (obsolete)
  • CHANGE: Eliminated obsolete button for exclude list browsing - this functionality is integrated in source list browsing
  • CHANGE: Hide additional backup options "Descend directories on other file systems" and "Save data mounted by NFS" when backup type is "NSS File system"
  • CHANGE: Hide additional backup options backup type is "iFolder"
  • CHANGE: Hide data store media in the component media table view
  • CHANGE: Hide data store media in the component media table view with better sql statement
  • CHANGE: Hide write protection combobox in the media dialog when used in data store context
  • CHANGE: In ResultsDialog: Recreated the first tab panel with resize functionalities; Replaced the text field for the labels with a table containing used labels, barcode and EOM state
  • CHANGE: In ResultsDialog: Recreated the second tab panel with resize functionalities
  • CHANGE: In ResultsDialog: Recreated the third tab panel with resize functionalities
  • CHANGE: Move i_GET_FREE_SPACE_OF_DIR from hal to kernel.
  • CHANGE: Move i_GET_FREE_SPACE_OF_DIR from hal to kernel. Add 'UUID' to results
  • CHANGE: Report error, if no saveset was found for migration
  • CHANGE: revert addition of LayoutPersistence Version to the docking keys
  • CHANGE: Set results.online_flag to '0' if 'cold' (offline) was requested
  • CHANGE: Update 'clients.sesam_version' directly in 'alive_test_sbc'
  • CHANGE: Update JIDE Library to 3.0.4, after the following was fixed: Keep the children if any of their ancestors match (Kinder anzeigen, falls der Elternknoten übereinstimmt)
  • CHANGE: Use i_cm_signal( SIGHUP/SIGINT/SIGTERM, SIGNAL_HANDLER, ...) to allow sending signals to sm_sms_main and to react appropriately
  • CHANGE: Use more powerful common/common/LL*.c list implementation instead of common/common FIFO list.c implementation
  • CHANGE: Version 4.0.3.x
  • CHANGE: Write correct STREAM INFO for Windows
  • CHANGE: XBSA_VERSION=4.0R1 with sSession[MAX_CONNECTIONS] structure to allow the use of more connections for one process, e.g. for worker threads
  • NEW: 'i_GET_DISK_STAT' to get 'df' information from client
  • NEW: -P switch to suppress writing to SEP sesam protocol
  • NEW: (#12610) Drive type 'LTO-4'
  • NEW: Add DISK_STORE drives with zero streams to 'sms.ini' so no dataserver will be stated for them
  • NEW: Add Sesam 'lgc' and 'lgx' files to 'SBC_IGNORE_SIZE_CHANGE' in 'sm.ini'
  • NEW: added a second button for creating a media pool from the first tab of the data store dialog
  • NEW: Added columns for Loader and Slot to the used label table in the results dialog
  • NEW: Ask user if he would like to create a new media pool after creating a new data store
  • NEW: Backup source can be specified as key value from sm.ini pathes section. (gv_rw_work:, gv_rw_lis)
  • NEW: Check storage pool licenses for DataStores
  • NEW: CHECK_MIGRATED_SAVESET: Build complete saveset chain recursive until an existing saveset is found. (Migration of migrated saveset)
  • NEW: Create 'sesam-<datastore name>.sds' info file including all datastore parameters from DB
  • NEW: Create new media for 'DISK-STORE' automatically
  • NEW: Create unique saveset ID
  • NEW: EOM event will be written into 'media_results'
  • NEW: Generation restore for SharePoint Server Farm or Component is done with FULL restore as Path followed by DIFF restore with MOSS2K@/Farm
  • NEW: Implemented "VMware vSphere as Path" in the Restore Wizard
  • NEW: New DataStore: Added a string control filter to prevent empty spaces in the DataStore name
  • NEW: new Source List and Exclude List Editors for the Task Dialog
  • NEW: Remove medium: Try to remove saveset files for DISK_HARD media
  • NEW: Supplement new columns to the table Media Actions, especially the column DataStore
  • NEW: Support for Lotus Notes *.ns2, *.ns3 and *.ns4 databases
  • NEW: Support of Zarafa 7 export format (Version: 4). Return with error if version is unknown
  • NEW: The EOL date in the saveset table of the media dialog is now editable within the table
  • NEW: Try to find a matching sub string in device type, if no exact match was found
  • NEW: Try to find out error message, in case 'umount' fails.
  • NEW: Try to get pre/post/not files with new filenames (leading sid) when showing task by status protocols.
  • NEW: Update 'migration_results' with current throughput and saveset size
  • NEW: Update group result (throughput, amount..) after every finished task, not only after the last one
  • NEW: Update SEP sesam version in 'params_fix'
  • NEW: Update throughput and processed items for 'sm_newday' task
  • NEW: Write 'hwplatform','distribution' and 'package_type' into 'sm.ini' during installation
  • NEW: Write 'hwplatform','distribution' and 'package_type' into 'sm.ini' during update
  • NEW: Write SEP sesam disaster information into system/event log
  • NEW: Write SEP sesam version to 'clients.version_number' as long, to have easier DB selects based on client version