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SEP AG has discontinued support for obsolete SEP sesam versions. Instructions are still available for these SEP sesam products, however, SEP AG accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies in the instructions or for the incorrect operation of obsolete SEP sesam software. It is strongly recommended that you update your SEP sesam software to the latest version. For the latest version of SEP sesam documentation, see documentation home.

SEP sesam Release 4.0

This article describes release notes for SEP Sesam version 4.0.1 and 4.0.2. The release notes for version 4.0.3 are described under Release Notes 4.0.3!

Latest Version

Important changes

Attention: Important Changes

Increased size of Windows System State backup

SEP Sesam system_state backup follows the new requirements from Microsoft. As a result the saveset size of System State is a multiple of older System_State backup for Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 [R2] or Windows 7. A typical value is about 12 GB.

Changed Sesam DB column names

All German column names are renamed. If you wrote your own scripts which referenced to the Sesam database it can be necessary to adopt your scripts with the new column names after the Sesam server update. A table with all changes can be found here.

'\' has to be doubled in command events

Until version 3.6 command events could be entered by using '/' or '\' as path separator on Windows. To allow the use of '\' as escape character all '\' have to be replaced by '\\' or use '/' on Windows too.

Linux kits are linked against shared libraries provided by OS.

Some more dependencies packages are required. All of them will be resolved by package manager automatically.

Windows File System Backups make use of Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).

In order to assure files accessed by other processes are backed up correctly, SEP Sesam will make use of the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service. This option is enabled for newly created backup tasks automatically. It is highly recommended that customers which update from older versions check the existing backup tasks to make use of this feature as well!

Known Issues

Known Issues
System_State NTDS Restore on Windows 2003
The NTDS (Active Directory Domain Services) restore on Windows 2003 is only fulfilled with complete restore not with selective restore.
Support for Exchange 2007 Single Email Restore
In version the new feature 'Exchange 2007 Single Email Restore' is only supported on Windows 2008 R2. Support on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 will be achieved in next Release. A Mailbox Database restore is supported in any case.
Exchange 2007 Single Email Restore with error MTF_BAD_ARCHIVE
If the restore of Exchange 2007 'Single Email' or 'Mailbox Folder' ends with failure 'MTF_BAD_ARCHIVE' this may not be an error. In all known cases the selected items are restored successfully.
Restore fails with Empty select list - restore will be canceled., if top-level directory is selected in restore wizard.
WORKAROUND: Select Complete restore of saveset in saveset selection list tab.
(FIXED in Saveset size of older backups is '0' in restore wizard
FIX: Update results.data_size in database.
 sm_db "update results set data_size=blocks*1024 where data_size is null and blocks is not null"
Exclude list for NSS file systems couldn’t be created by client browser
WORKAROUND: Enter manually
Moved folders are not saved during DIFF or INCR backups
Sesam uses time stamp information of file to decide, if it has to be saved during DIFF/INCR backup. Because this information is not changed during a move operation, files will be saved until next full backup
(FIXED in Calendar sheet can only be displayed until 12/31/2010
FIX: Install SEP sesam GUI service pack -->
(FIXED in Date of last full backup is not correctly shown in GUI
FIX: Install SEP sesam GUI service pack -->
(FIXED in Archive adjustment is mandatory before start of backup or media init
In version 4.0.1.x < a serious problem was found which could lead to an accidental media initialization if the content of the media library was changed without executing an archive adjustment! SEP strongly recommends an archive adjustment after every change of the content of the media library to avoid this problem.
Downgrade of SEP sesam version is not possible
No fix available
(FIXED in Executable bit is not set for sm_notify, sm_disaster and sm_alarm
FIX: Execute chmod 750 <file name> manually.
  chmod 750 /opt/sesam/bin/sesam/sm_notify
(FIXED in sm_notify doesn't send e-mail, with error "\
/var/opt/sesam/var/prot/<day_protocol>.prtCTRLD_EXIT_CODE: 000 (No such file or directory)" (CTRLD_EXIT_CODE).
FIX: Install SEP sesam GUI service pack -->
(FIXED in sbc on Linux cores with double free corruption saving extended attributes
Allocated buffer size for holding extended attributes is only 1024 bytes.
(FIXED in Loader does not transport tape back into slot, because option 'autounload=n was ignored by sm_loader
FIX: Download patch from and replace sm_loader executable in <sesam-root>/bin/sesam of Sesam server.
Command events without file extension end with exit code 2 on Windows clients
FIX: Define command with file extension: my_command -> my_command.cmd
By default Microsoft installs Windows Powershell with permission Restricted. This setting just allows to execute commands in Powershell, but no scripts.

This can be changed with following command in Powershell:

  • Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Click here for more information:

Discontinued Sesam Server support

SEP sesam Server package installation and support is no longer offered on the following systems:

  • Windows 2000

This does not affect SEP sesam Client packages. For a definitive list of supported SEP sesam Clients please see SEP sesam Support Matrix.

New supported systems


  • Windows 2008 R2
  • Windows 7
  • Ubuntu 10/04 (i386, X86_64)
  • FreeBSD 8 (i386, X86_64)
  • Solaris 10 (i386) (Sparc is already supported for a longer time)
  • RHEL 6 (i386, X86_64)


  • OpenBSD >=4.5 (i386, amd64)
  • RHEL 6 (i386, X86_64)

End of maintenance announcement for older SEP sesam versions

  • Maintenance for SEP sesam version 3.6 will end on June 30th, 2012.
  • Maintenance for SEP sesam version 3.4 has been ended on December 31st, 2010.
  • Maintenance for SEP sesam version 3.0 has been ended on December 31st, 2009.

This does not affect SEP sesam Client packages for which there are no newer versions available.

New Features


Status screens

  • more result views can be saved and used
  • more filters (date, task, task type...)
  • better sorting
  • displayed columns can be changed
  • incremental search
  • more context menu entries, like Start backup, Restart for failed backups

Window Manager

Complete redesign of window management

  • Every screen can be placed everywhere (docking/floating)
  • Different layouts can be saved
  • All trees can be collapsed/expanded
  • Incremental search in tree
Configuration of current messages

Configuration of current messages (interval and cyclic) is saved by Layout Manager


  • Every database change request is logged in Sesam main log
  • Errors and warnings are shown with different colors in Sesam main and backup logs
  • Send as mail button in backup log screen
  • Send of backup trace log and main log with backup log


Copy of a saveset can be directly started from the results screen.

Task type specific restore options

Many restore options like recover, as path... will be offered according to the task type. So no Recover after restore for NetWare file system restore. Also external backup, like Oracle, won't be shown in restore wizard, except explicitly requested.

  • Restore as dump for all backups
  • Restore as path for all non raw backups


  • Successfully restarted backups aren't offered in the Restart backups dialog any more.
  • Optimized RMI server access to speed up GUI access over slow network connections


Windows Server 2008 R2

Sesam Server runs on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2, including support of Program Files as installation path.

Windows 7

Sesam Server runs on Windows 7, including support of Program Files as installation path.


A major rewrite to support MS VSS. MS changes backup API of almost all of their products to VSS. This makes some backups easier to handle, but many existing common SBC functions, like exclude, relocation, overwrite are affected.

It is not longer necessary to set the VSS snapshot with Backup Task property 'Save options' value '-o vss'. Now the Windows Backup Task has a special flag 'Backup with VSS'.

If a new Backup Task is created and the client platform is Windows then the flag is set according to the operating system:

Windows NT and Windows 2000
Flag is not set and not visible.
Windows XP
Flag is not set (under XP only one set (with some volumes) is allowed!).
Windows 2003 and newer
Flag is set.

Note: The old save option '-o vss' is still usable to start a VSS backup but should be substituted by the 'Backup with VSS' flag to avoid confusion if the flag is not set but the option '-o vss' is set.

System_State Backup

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 contain new and changed features that backup application must be aware of.

See MSDN document Application Compatibility for Backup and Restore for further details.

Attention System_State Size Increased

SEP Sesam system_state backup is following the new requirements - especially storing data of system state relevant VSS Writers. As a result the amount of the System_State saveset size is a multiple of the size of the older System_State backup for Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 [R2] or Windows 7.

Furthermore Microsoft recommends that the so called Critical Volumes (Operating system partition and other partition storing OS related information) should be backed up together with system state on Vista and Windows Server 2008. Therefore regular backups with VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) for all Critical Volumes must be scheduled.

Interfaces with PowerShell Scripts

The use of Microsoft Windows PowerShell scripts (*.ps1) is possible. So instead of Windows command scripts (*.cmd) the more powerful Microsoft Windows PowerShell command line shell and scripting language is usable. PS1 templates for sm_notify, sm_alarm, sm_disaster, sbc_pre, sbc_post, sbc_restore_pre and sbc_restore_post are distributed with version 4.0.

Restore Option '-o skip_acl'

The new SBC restore option '-o skip_acl' allows to run a restore without applying the ACL to the files. With this option the newly created files are owned by the SYSTEM user.

Media and Drives

Tandberg RDX Drives

Tandberg RDX drives are fully supported by Sesam now.

Media handling

A major rewrite of Sesam GET_VOLUME function. This function is responsible for loading correct medium for backup and restore. In case of backup or initializations, it's also responsible for using SPARE and EMPTY media, if allowed.

  • Sesam handles media and hardware errors better now.
  • No error messages in Sesam main log during loading of media

DISK Change

Complete redesign of drive type DISK_CHANGE. OS specific mount, umount and eject commands, can be entered in Drive properties dialog. Commands are preset with reasonable values for Linux. (Windows missing at the moment @FO/EE). Commonly external disks have to get the same device name every time to be mounted correctly. SEP offers a HowTo for this. (@MA/FO Link ??)

DISK Loader

New device type DISK_LOAD. Sesam handles several disks like tapes in a robot. If a media becomes full, backups write to the next one. In opposite to current DISK_HARD implementation, disk can be changed for offline archive. After changing disks manually, an archive adjustment has to be done.

Media timeout

For single tape drive:

  • Get volume operation will stop after media timeout has been reached (in min).
  • If automatic unload is disabled, then tape is no ejected, if another one is requested. Useful together with media timeout set: Backups will run at night, even if another tape was requested for a restore, but no one has changed it.

Media actions

Archive adjustment

Archive adjustment can be scheduled like media init now.

Media readcheck

  • Consistence check of savesets between Sesam DB and medium
  • Check of tape format
  • Media read check can be forced (GUI missing in BETA version)
  • More than one media can be selected to be checked (GUI missing in BETA version)
  • Real saveset verify is still missing

Saveset encryption

If saveset encryption for a task is set, then password can be saved into results table or not. If not set in results, then password will be asked for in case of starting a restore via restore wizard.

Linux extended attributes

sbc for Linux supports backup and restore of extended attributes. NSS volumes can also expose trustee information as Extended Attributes, so they can be saved without sbc_smdr. SE Linux uses EA too for saving information.

Standard exclude list

A standard backup exclude list for Windows and Unix can be set in sm.ini


A default exclude list will be added during installation on Windows. In version 4.x values will be set even in case of an update from a 3.x version but not if updating form a 4.x version.


Ignore size change list

A list of files can be set in sm.ini sbc-Unix will not complain about size change during backup (for example /var/log/messages).


sbc-Unix will not report files deleted between find and save operation as warning, if they match one of these patterns.


  • Sesam restore logs are now in a separate sub directory gv_rw_prot:/restore
  • New log file <sesam day>.prt.err including all Sesam error messages.
  • Sesam status and day logs will never be deleted.


The execution logs of interface programs sm_alarm, sm_disaster and sm_notify are now stored in a particular directory gv_rw_prot_notification = .../var/prot/notification and accessible via GUI 'Logging > Interfaces > Alarm/Disaster/Notify'.

Sesam Database

All German column names are renamed. If you wrote your own scripts which referenced to the Sesam database it can be necessary to adopt your scripts with the new column names after the Sesam server update. See the >> table<< of column changes.

If you use the Sesam Nagios plugin you have to upgrade to the new version in the SEP download center.


Citrix XEN

Hot backup of Citrix XenServer guests.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is supported with 2 new Task Types:

  • SharePoint Server - to store the Server components data,
  • SharePoint Sites - to store the site collections.

Where SharePoint Server back ups the SharePoint Server components data and SharePoint Sites back ups site collections with documents.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

To support the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and the backup of replicated Exchange Server 2010 databases (which may be stored in a clustered Exchange Server 2010 environment via Database Availability Groups (DAG)) the new Task Types 'Exchange Server 2010' and 'Exchange Server DAG' are available.

  • Exchange Server 2010 - to back up the databases which are mounted on the given server,
  • Exchange Server DAG - to back up the via DAG replicated Exchange Server 2010 databases.

With 'Exchange Server DAG' even the data from a remote Exchange Server 2010 can be backed up on a separate host which is a member of the DAG and which holds a replica of the databases.


The new task type 'Exchange Server 2010' is usable for Exchange Server 2007 as well. Therefore since version 4.0.2 the task type is renamed to 'Exchange Server' and the older one (supporting Exchange Server 2003) is renamed to 'Exchange Server 2003'!

Microsoft SQLServer 'all' Backup

In version 4.0 all databases of a Microsoft SQLServer Instance and even all databases in several instances of one Microsoft SQLServer host can be backed up with one task.

So instead of one separate task for every database now some (comma separated) or all databases (keyword 'all') can be configured in one task.

IBM DB2 for Windows x64

Now IBM DB2 is even supported on Windows x64 in addition to Windows x86.

Lotus Notes

  • Now Lotus Notes backup retrieves subdirectories on Linux
  • Support for Lotus Notes on Windows x64
  • Support for Lotus Notes DAOS (Domino Attachment and Object Service)
  • Support for Lotus Notes Partitioned Server


  • Backup type NetWare is renamed to NSS File System.
  • During sm_config_client Sesam client kit version is added to clients table. Newer SBCs are reporting Sesam version as log message so now the Sesam version is updated before the backup runs.
  • Backup Settings via task types - Backup type will be automatically adjusted to supported level COPY/FULL/DIFFERENTIAL/INCREMENTAL, e.g. DIFF > FULL (planned for 4.1!).
  • Selective restore of compressed DISK_HARD media now with seek (needs extended LIS file with compressed offsets (planned for 4.1!).
  • SMS Version 3.4R38: With correct last LIS line for NetWare File System (SIDF). Call setsockopt() for FTP Control Port to set KEEP_ALIVE if requested in stpd.ini with [STPD_Thread] KEEP_ALIVE=TRUE (Version >


You will find complete CVS change reports here.


  • NEW: SBC_WIN32_VERSION=3.6A16 Store partial hardlink groups when volume is changed and Restore with resync of MTF stream with duplicated last block of FILE stream (avoid error MTF_BAD_ARCHIVE).
  • CHANGE: Exchange 2010 Single Email Restore
  • CHANGE: Exchange 2007 Single Email Restore supported on Windows 2008 R2
  • CHANGE: Exchange Server 2007/2010, Restore Wizard with Exchange Server Single Mail Browsing with Size and Date
  • CHANGE: Improved performance by avoiding wcslen() and wcsncmp()
  • CHANGE: WINDOWS: Copy $(SESAMDEV)\wnt_tools\gzip.exe to bin/sesam for sesam server to allow compression of LIS files
  • BUGFIX: Update 'results.data_size' from 'blocks', because blocks aren't used in restore wizard any more
  • BUGFIX: Avoid "FILE" attributes collision of the MTF_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_HARDLINK and w2kss components (SBC/packdata and STPD adapted)
  • BUGFIX: iWriteNamedPipe: Retry after delay of 1s if WriteFile() returned error ERROR_PIPE_LISTENING (client not yet connected)
  • BUGFIX: On some MS SQLserver versions the database name must not be set to lowercase
  • BUGFIX: {#12228} - handle the null-reference of the MS Exchange object (it occurs when the ex2k version is neither 14.0 or 8.1)
  • BUGFIX: {#2483} Browsing and using source with umlauts
  • BUGFIX: {#12664: wrong path} {#12665: BAD_ARCHIVE} System_State Win 2003 Restore
  • BUGFIX: Checking sbs license was only executed on Sesam Server side
  • NEW: SBC_UNIX VERSION 3.6A3 supports options '-o no_ea' to backup without extended attributes and '-a btype=...' to set backup type explicitly, e.g. '-a btype=vmware'.
  • NEW: Backup of XEN Server pool database (source='meta-data') and host file system (source='host-backup')
  • NEW: Write 'sm_setup' output to '/tmp/sm_setup_dpkg.log' during server installation on Debian
  • BUGFIX: (#12553): Fix core dump during processing 'VOLB' blocks in LIS file. Tech: Use 'SafeForeachLL_M' instead of 'ForeachLL_M' because item will be deleted in loop (fetched from rev. 1.448)
  • BUGFIX: (#12568) do not switch to mailbox view if backup type is EXCHANGE_SERVER_2003
  • BUGFIX: (#12609) Don't squeeze '/' at begin of UNC path, to avoid inserting media pool starting with '/' during archive adjustment
  • BUGFIX: (#12790) Avoid same file name when copying 'smslis\{saveset}.dat' to RDS bcs. if rds is equal to sesam server the target file may became an empty file (fetched from rev. 1.456)
  • BUGFIX: (#12819) Couldn't delete users comment of a media
  • BUGFIX: (#12914) Set 'restore_extern=n' for 'win32-unicode'
  • BUGFIX: (#8729) Larger buffer for holding STPD SYST information. Extensive testing required. TODO: Test how many parallel STPD (not SMS) connections will really handled correctly
  • BUGFIX: Avoid deletion of sms.ini file during drive configuration (fetched from rev. 1.186)
  • BUGFIX: Avoid "FILE" attributes collision of the MTF_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_HARDLINK and w2kss components
  • BUGFIX: Avoid overflow in sms_parseinfo() which could lead to a core dump in case of BSR restore
  • BUGFIX: Call eject command with device name (drive letter) as 2nd parameter, so SayFuse disk loader will set device offline
  • BUGFIX: Check for BSR_Windows_PLUS if no BSR_Windows license is available
  • BUGFIX: Could not delete a comment in the storage pools dialog
  • BUGFIX: Could not delete mount and unmount in the storage pools dialog
  • BUGFIX: Do not delete sel files of restore task if restore_task is older then oldest existing saveset
  • BUGFIX: Do not import XENAPI
  • BUGFIX: Do not overwrite linux boot options by 'noninteractive', so VM will write to VM console
  • BUGFIX: Do not overwrite SQL statement in 'break backup' retry loop (->Error: DB_SEL_GET: cannot find requested column task)
  • BUGFIX: Execution of sqlite3 with sesam_insert_start.sql could lead to a looping sm_db
  • BUGFIX: For raw data restore into pipe: Handle short write (not all bytes requested were written) correctly. Else to much date will be transferred
  • BUGFIX: Free pointer used for malloc and not deferenced one to fix memory leak
  • BUGFIX: If path name of sitcollstorfile was a prefix of another path, e.g. 'http#&&sep-moss2010&sites&sep' is prefix of 'http#&&sep-moss2010&sites&sep_ag' then the document retrieving of second path failed
  • BUGFIX: Listing for system_state must be adapted to new file_attributes since sbc version 3.6A15 Windows Kit
  • BUGFIX: Port changes done with check-in 36341 from head: A manually entered hw_loader type was overwritten when opened in the loader dialog in case ctrl was type DIR_DISK
  • BUGFIX: Remove leading and trailing double quotes in sm_inventory parameters
  • BUGFIX: Set 'loader_drive'='drive_num' for 'DISK_HARD', because it isn't done by GUI any more


Note: With Version v4.0.2.8 the Exchange Server Mailbox View Restore is not intended for Productive Environments

The QA for Exchange Server 2007/2010 automatic restore of user mailboxes, folders and email items was not fulfilled completely. Especially the configuration tasks for

  1. Registering Exchange Server PowerShell based programs to generate list of backed up mailbox items.
  2. Configuration for programs needed to check or create Recovery Databases (RDBs).
  3. Configuration program authorization to allow import of mailbox data from RDBs into original Exchange Server databases.

Therefore the functionality 'Mailbox, Mailbox Folder and Single Email Restore' is not intended for productive environments!

  • BUGFIX: #11905 System_State backup with mismatch (upper/lower case) of Windows folder on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • BUGFIX: #12017 ENTRY: ox5: Restore of a whole folder failed - Now select all mails in a folder, if only folder is selected during OX mail restore.
  • BUGFIX: #12199 Generation restore failed because instead of FULL savesest the migrated FULL saveset was used. - Do not use migrated saveset during creating of LIS file for generation restore.
  • BUGFIX: #12228 Problem after update to Exchange Server backup failed.
  • BUGFIX: #12236 BSR restore failed when more than 200 drives are configured.
  • BUGFIX: #12246 Backup failed with "green range for timeout" - Check for SBS License
  • BUGFIX: #12252 Backup stores data from S: when backing up volume C: - Check for 'System Reserved' partition retrieved wrong volume.
  • BUGFIX: #12266 Disaster information was not send via sm_disaster.cmd since
  • BUGFIX: GUI Browsing Exchange Server 2003 task type was wrong in


  • NEW: Citrix XEN Server extension
  • NEW: Using Curl library to backup a wide range of URLs
  • NEW: Write STDOUT/STDERR of 'sm_setup' into '/tmp/sm_setup_rpm.log' during RPM installation
  • NEW: Support for Tandberg RDX drives
  • NEW: Task type 'Exchange Server' now supports the restore of a user's mailbox, a mailbox folder or a single email to the original location. This requires a special analysis during backup and therefore is only applicable for 4.0.2 Exchange Server backups.
  • NEW: The GUI browser for backup task sources is redesigned to support most task types which can be retrieved on client side, e.g. 'Share Point Sites', 'Share Point Farm', 'Exchange Server [2003]', etc., a description column describes the selectable items.
  • NEW: The GUI restore wizard supports a Mail-View for Exchange Server 2007/2010 and a Document-View for Share Point Sites.
  • NEW: The GUI restore wizard allows overwriting the task type of the backup with the 'Path' type via 'Expert Options' if the data can be restored as directories or files.
  • NEW: The GUI restore wizard allows restoring the selected data to a saveset (Expert Options).
  • NEW: The GUI browser for restore targets is redesigned to get more information about target items.
  • NEW: Support PowerShell interface command files *.ps1 on clients too, e.g. 'sbc_pre.ps1'.
  • CHANGE: For Linux: Use OS shared libraries instead of static link.
  • CHANGE: The task type 'Exchange Server 2010' is supporting 'Exchange Server 2007' as well. Therefore it is renamed to 'Exchange Server' and the older one (supporting Exchange Server 2003) is renamed to 'Exchange Server 2003'.
  • BUGFIX: The Calendar Sheet range was limited to 31.12.2010
  • BUGFIX: (#12074) Correct tree composition with special characters in restore wizard
  • BUGFIX: (#6205) An active restore was listed as a backup in the performance window
  • BUGFIX: (#12119) The "from-to" date fields in the restore wizard were not filled correctly when locale set to en_GB.
  • BUGFIX: Due to wrong checking of return states a media could be overwritten when a retry of media fetching failed. Now the enum eTapeState is used to get volumes. drive_handler() does return eTapeState if called for 'info' or 'getlabel'
  • BUGFIX: Don't introduce new media, if mount has failed
  • BUGFIX: Do not update 'result_lbls' for saveset with segment=0, because this will cause wrong information in DB
  • BUGFIX: On Linux PPC send_sig = -1 <> (char) -1
  • BUGFIX: If a media with no label is found during init, retry with next label instead of return with error in case of loader drive
  • BUGFIX: Do not overwrite medium locked by user
  • BUGFIX: Restore for ZARAFA was not possible due to Exchange2007 adaptions
  • BUGFIX: Use 'restore ID' to create name of restore post command log for non generation restore
  • BUGFIX: Avoid problem with restarting sm_sms_watch during migration by changing algorithm so now sm_sms_watch is not stopped during migration if it is already running
  • BUGFIX: Correct saving of 'sbc_pre' and 'sbc_post' on client after editing them in GUI. To get file name check for ':' (intead of '/') in given path, because 'gv_ro_bin:sbc_pre' does not contain '/'
  • BUGFIX: In GET_NEXT_LABEL: Search next label only for running sub task and not for saveset ID of parent task
  • BUGFIX: sbc Linux: Do not allocate a 'regmatch' struct to check exclude, because we are only interested if item match. Before sbc has allocated struct for every item and it was not even freed. Free memory buffer in ACL backup handling
  • BUGFIX: sbc Linux: Allocate larger buffer for holding extended attributes
  • CHANGE: Allow to stop and start single component, e.g. 'sm_main stop rmi'


  • BUGFIX: Sesam mail interface works again
  • BUGFIX: Media will be overwritten, if media init starts on a loader, without making an archive adjustment after changing media manually.


  • CHANGE: Instead of using MSG_OOB send exit code via CTRLD_EXIT_CODE: %03u. Should fix problem Empty LIS, if backup is done over a Remote Device Server
  • BUGFIX: (#11508): Drive queues were started with too many channels. (the 4 admin channels hasn't been reduced any more)
  • BUGFIX: Check if input buffer contains CR '\r' without LF which could lead to buffer overrun in case of BSR backup
  • BUGFIX: Check for corrupt trailer in case of backup and restart init in this case
  • BUGFIX: Execute 'sm_stpc (ftp)' command on RDS and not on Sesam server. Sesam server has connected to RDS over FTP before, but often FTP port is not opened between both. Needs Sesam RDS For older version old algo is used
  • BUGFIX: BSR backup allows only numbers for saveset and session_id
  • BUGFIX: Do not use information from 'loader_contents' during import from loader port, because medium in port is usually used for manually media change
  • BUGFIX: BSR restore fails due to changed output of column name start_time / start_tim
  • BUGFIX: (#11428): Do not allocate a 'regmatch' structure to check exclude, because we are only interested if item match. Before sbc has allocated structure for every item and it was not even freed.
  • BUGFIX: Free memory buffer in ACL backup handling
  • BUGFIX: Report error, if an exclude pattern could not be parsed
  • BUGFIX: Fix core dump during 'sm_sms_interface restore_listing
  • BUGFIX: (#11383) Correct recognition of PostgreSQL version on UCS 2.4
  • BUGFIX: Do not dismount/unload DISK_CHNG medium before init
  • BUGFIX: Write correct start time of BSR Windows backups into results
  • NEW: slu scan on Linux using sysfs instead of procfs
  • NEW: For loader import: Update table media, if media can be identified by barcode


  • First released version


  • BETA Release version