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Microsoft provides a VSS Writer for Hyper-V Server to enable an online backup of virtual machines. If a backup is started with SEP sesam, snapshots of the virtual machines are created and then the .vhd files as well as the already created snapshots are backed up.

System requirements

  • Supported Versions
  • Install a SEP sesam backup client (since Version 4.0.3) on each Hyper-V host.
  • The backup client communication to the Sesam server has to work properly.
    • For that, register the client by Sesam GUI
    • Configure a backup task, e.g. source C:\temp ...
    • ... and perform the backup. If the backup has been executed successfully, the communication between Sesam server and Sesam client works properly.

Backup procedure

Create a new backup task for the Hyper-V client which contains the virtual machines.

Backup task hyperv en.jpg

After starting the backup, Hyper-V automatically creates snapshots for every active virtual machine.

Snapshot hyperv.JPG

Then the backup task starts for the defined machines.

Restore procedure to existing VM

In case of a restore the corresponding virtual machine must be turned off. Afterwards single volumes (.vhd files), snapshots or the whole virtual machine can be restored.

  • Example Restore of a single volume:

Restore hyperv.JPG

  • Example Restore Snapshots:

Restore hyperv snap.JPG

Restore procedure to new VM

To create a new VM with the backed up (.vhd files), the restored (.vhd files) must be added as an "existing virtual hard disk".

Hyperv different vm.png


Error message

  • Error: DB Module: [ [Failed at thaw] - VSS_E_WRITERERROR_TIMEOUT. [Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer] - VSS_E_WRITERERROR_TIMEOUT]
    • To resolve the issue install the following Microsoft service pack on the Hyper-V Node and also on each Microsoft VM running on that host
  • Error: VSS_E_SNAPSHOT_SET_IN_PROGRESS error and in the Windows Event logs VDS basic provider error
    • To resolve the issue install the following Microsoft service pack on the Hyper-V Node and also on each Microsoft VM running on that host