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SEP sesam creates a state log. One line is written for each backup in chronological order. This information is saved as files in <SESAM_VAR>/prot and can also be used for further processing (print, email).

As of 4.4.3 Beefalo V2, you can also check your system logs online by using new Web UI. For details, see SEP sesam Web UI.


  • From - To: The date selection allows filtering of the output. By clicking Refresh the updated view is displayed.
  • Note
    A backup day is defined by two Newday events. For details, see Newday Event.
  • Today, Yesterday: Shows logs from today or yesterday.
  • Help: Online help.
  • Send: Emails the log to your support service or any other predefined address.
  • Print: Prints the log by using the default printer.
  • Search: Enables searching for specific backups.

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