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Exclude with File Patterns

To back up the NetWare File System, an exclude must be made by specifying file patterns. The exclude with file patterns only allows the use of '*' (any character string) and '?' (single arbitrary character).

Examples for exclude list with file patterns:

  • Backing up /var without /var/tmp but with directory /var/tmp1:
  • Backing up /var without any directory */tmp*:
  • Backing up source /usr avoiding *.o, *.tmp, a.out and old*.c files and all old* directories:
 *.o, *.tmp, a.out, old*.c, /old*

  • Backing up /usr without /usr/var/spool and /usr/var/log:
 /usr/var/spool, /usr/var/log
  • Avoid all syslog####.log files:
  • Backing up NetWare NSS Volume VOL1: without VOL1:tmp:
Information sign.png Note
If you want to exclude a specific path then put the entire path in the exclude list. Several excludes require a separation by commas.

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