4 4 3:SEP sesam License Comparison

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SEP sesam offers a variety of licensing possibilities:

SEP volume licensing
Volume licenses are based on the data volume per front-side terabyte and on the utilisation of SEP database agents. They include unlimited usage of clients, hypervisors, disk storage, tape, Si3 deduplication, and replication. The licenses are perpetual and maintenance is included within the first 12 months. All SEP sesam capacity-based licenses are calculated by how much original, source-side data is protected (front-side TB). This equates roughly to the sum of all files, databases and hypervisor snapshots of the clients to be backed up. In practice, this means that the maximum volume of all backup jobs (normally the biggest FULL) is calculated, provided that it is stored on any SEP sesam media (retention policy). The original data is cumulated before deduplication or compression.

Example: If there is a system full backup (Path backup type), an image backup on hypervisor level and a database backup agent, the data will be counted three times if the database is part of all three backup jobs.

For each additional 50 TB volume license extension, 1 TB of deduplication storage is included.

The SEP volume license basis can be extended by increments of 25, 50, 100, 250, etc., terabytes and includes upgrade services and technical entry support. Extensions for disaster recovery and archiving are available.

SEP subscription licensing
SEP sesam subscriptions are purchased per year, based on data volume per front-side terabyte and depend on the utilisation of SEP database agents. Maintenance is included in any subscription time frame. Subscriptions are licensed for a period of 12 months and include full maintenance.

After the subscription period, SEP sesam save sets can be further used for restores, however, backing up data is no longer possible.

SEP classic licensing
The SEP sesam classic model provides item-based, perpetual licenses that are individually tailored to a customer's needs. Licensing is modular and scalable, expansions of any license components such as database and groupware agents can be carried out at any time. Maintenance is included within the first 12 months. SEP’s classic licensing model is based on the following SEP sesam building blocks:
  • Main Backup Server
  • Remote Device Servers
  • Client licenses
  • Autoloader support
  • Storage pools
  • Databases or groupware modules
  • Application and virtualization modules
  • Disaster recovery

Depending on the requirements, all available modules can be combined and a dedicated license to the environment is generated.

SEP sesam license comparison

* without additional streams expansion











unlimited unlimited 1 5 25 100 250

Storage pool incl.

unlimited unlimited 1 TB 2 TB 4 TB 4 TB 10 TB

SEP sesam Si3 deduplication: max. extension

unlimited unlimited 25 TB 50 TB 150 TB unlimited

Level 2 agents

Level 3 agents


Typical system environment

Backup clients

up to 30

up to 50

up to 5

up to 15

up to 50

up to 150



1 – 2 * 2 – 4 * 1 1 – 2 2 – 4 5 – 8

in distributed environment

several computing centers or distributed environments

You can find detailed descriptions of the SEP licensing models and technical support in the documents SEP sesam License Guide and SEP Support Definitions & Explanation of Terms, both available in the SEP Partner Lounge.