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With SEP sesam, you can use Wake-on LAN (WOL) on Windows clients, which allows you to remotely start or shut down your computer. You can enable WOL in the client properties, but it must be configured properly first. Note that an additional step is required if you want to shut down your computer remotely.

Configuring WOL

To use WOL, proceed as follows:

  1. Download any WOL tool and rename it to sm_wol.
  2. Then copy it to the C:\Program Files\SEPsesam\bin\sesam directory, whether it is a binary or other executable script. This program will be executed by SEP sesam when the WOL is enabled on the client.
  3. Enable WOL on the respective computers (clients) and test it first with alternative methods to make sure that WOL really works.

Enabling WOL on the client

You can enable WOL in the SEP sesam GUI (Main Selection -> Clients) by double-clicking the client to open its properties. Then switch to the Options tab, select the Use Wake On LAN check box, and specify the MAC address of the network interface controller (NIC) used.

When the corresponding task is started for the defined client, the SEP sesam Server sends the WOL signal and starts up the computer before the backup. If you want to shutdown a computer after the backup, an additional step described below is required.

Shutting down a computer remotely

To shut down a Windows computer, e.g. after a backup, you have to open the post interface of the respective client with the command

shutdown /s /f /t 120
exit %errorlevel%

For details, see Using Pre and Post Scripts.

Note that the exit must be specified for the programme to close correctly.

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