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The Initial Seed feature does not work in v. 5.1.0 Apollon, but you can use it in earlier SEP sesam versions. Note that SEP is working on this issue and will provide a fix as soon as possible.

As of SEP sesam v. 4.4.3 Tigon, it is possible to use initial seed for setting up new Si3 deduplication store for replication. When replicating from origin to new Si3 store, the savesets on the new Si3 deduplication store are recognized and the content of the new Si3 store is updated in the SEP sesam database.

Importing initial Si3 seed

The backed up data and its metadata are seeded when the Initial Seed option is used. To use this option, create a copy of the original Si3 deduplication store (e.g., on a USB hard disk) and make the data, which will later be used for replication, available on the Si3 deduplication store. It is recommended that you stop the Si3 service SDS before copying the Si3 data. You can stop the SDS service by entering the sm_main stop sds command in the command prompt. Note that stopping this service aborts all Si3 related actions. After copying the Si3 directories, restart the Si3 service with the sm_main start sds command.


  1. From Main selection -> Components, click Data Stores to display the available data stores.
  2. Select a preconfigured Si3 deduplication store and double-click it (or click Properties). The data store properties window opens.
  3. Click Initial Seed (previously Import Si3 Store) button.

  4. In the Initial Seed dialog, specify the drive and a file name of the ini file, which will be imported.

  5. Click OK to import the initial Si3 seed.

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