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SEP sesam allows CIFS backups directly from a storage system (EMC VNX, NetApp, etc.) via LAN. For such backups, the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol is used to share files on the network. To optimize throughput, which is very low with older versions of SMB, it is recommended to use at least SMB 3.0 protocol. For more details on SMB, see SMB Overview.

This article briefly describes how to check and set the required SMB version for CIFS share backups. For details about backing up data from a CIFS share, see How to use CIFS share (NAS) as data store and how to back up data from CIFS share.


  • SMB protocol ≥ 3.0
  • Windows ≥ 8 Workstation or Windows Server ≥ 2012 R2
  • UNC path backup to SEP sesam Windows Server or RDS must be properly configured. For details on setting up UNC path backup from a CIFS share, see Backing up data from CIFS share and FAQ.

Checking the SMB version

In Windows systems (Windows Server ≥ 2012 R2), the required SMB protocol is enabled by default. However, to ensure that you are using a required SMB version, you can run a PowerShell command as an administrator:


This will display the active UNC shares and the SMB protocol version. You can check the SMB version of the active UNC shares in the Dialect column.

Setting the required SMB protocol

You can set SMB ≥ 3.0 on different storage systems. On newer systems, it is enabled by default, but if not, you can enable the required SMB version as shown in the following examples for SMB 3.0 on NetApp and VNX.

Enabling SMB on NetApp

NetApp provides SMB 3.x support in Clustered Data ONTAP v. ≥ 8.2. SMB 3.x is enabled by default on Vserver with FlexVol volumes. For details, see Supported SMB versions on Vserver's CIFS server.

To enable SMB 3.0 on Netapp, run the following command:

cluster1::*> vserver cifs options modify -vserver vs1 -smb3-enabled true

For more information, see the NetApp documentation Enabling or disabling SMB 3.0.

Enabling SMB on VNX

In VNX File Operating Environment (OE) v. ≥ 7.1.65, the SMB 3.x protocol is enabled by default.

To verify that SBM 3.0 is enabled on your data mover (DM), use the server_cifs command to check Max Protocol.

If SBM 3.0 is not enabled on your DM, you can enable it with the following server_cifs command:

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