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The SEP sesam database online module for SAP ERP on MaxDB/SAP DB and Oracle ensures uninterrupted operation of the SAP database. Therefore backups can be performed as often as required during the day to improve the security of the SAP database. The backup is performed directly to the destination device (tape or disk), without caching in the file system. The module works as a gateway to the SAP BR*Tools. The SEP sesam operates as a media manager for the data during the backup and restore.

Note that all functions for backup, restore and recovery provided via the SAP BR*Tools are supported. Scheduling of online backups of the databases can be done from SEP sesam as well from SAP ERP environment. For details on supported SEP sesam database online backup modules, see SEP sesam OS and Database Support Matrix.

SAP ERP with Oracle

SEP sesam manages the backup media during the backup of the SAP Oracle database. This means that the SAP BR*Tools have complete control over the backup and restore processes. SEP sesam provides its functions for storage and data storage on any medium, depending on the backup media and a concept. For details on SAP ERP on Oracle prerequisites and configuration procedure, see SAP ERP with Oracle.

SAP ERP with MaxDB

The MaxDB backup and restore are performed with the Database Manager CLI (dbmcli) utility. The backint interface program allows dbmcli to communicate with SAP MaxDB using pipes to perform backup and restore operations. Note that all components for setting up the MaxDB extension are already included in the SEP sesam installation packages. For detailed information, see SAP ERP with MaxDB.

Other databases

Other databases, for example, IBM DB2 and MS SQL are not integrated in the SAP BR*Tools. The backup procedure for these databases follows the rules and mechanism of the used database. In this case, check the relevant documentation for your database module.

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