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Once you have prepared your backup strategy, you can assign individual backup tasks to a task group and then trigger the start of all tasks belonging to that group with a single event. The tasks are processed according to the number of available channels. The remaining tasks are placed in the execution queue and started sequentially.

It is recommended that you create a task group for each task type, for example, VMs (VMware, Hyper-V, etc.), applications (MS SQL, Exchange, etc.), path (normal file system backups), system state (Windows System State).

The advantages of task grouping

Task grouping has the following advantages:

  • You can schedule the whole group to start at the same time with one backup event.
  • You can configure follow-up events, such as backup, migration or command/script, for the whole backup group with a single backup event.
  • You can specify that the whole group is backed up to the same media pool with one backup event.
  • You can back up the whole group with the same backup level, which is defined in the backup event.
  • You can add different task types to a group, for example, file backup, MS-SQL backup, VMware backup, etc.
It is possible to disable a particular task or a whole task group without deleting it permanently and without cancelling all other events related to the same schedule. For details, see Disabling and Enabling Backup Task and Disabling and Enabling Task Group.


You can add all the tasks for one backup target or other tasks with similar characteristics to a task group and trigger all the tasks with a single event.

You can select the option Customize Task List when creating a task group or in the task group properties. By using the Pre task group interface, you can add, delete or modify the tasks belonging to the task group.
  1. From Main Selection -> Tasks -> By Groups, click New Task Group. The New Task Group window opens.
  2. Enter the Group name. Under Tasks for this group, select the tasks (from the list of all available tasks on the left) and add them to your newly created task group list.

  3. If you want to start a job for the task group immediately, right-click the task group name and click Immediate Start. If you want to schedule the task group, click New Schedule under Main Selection -> Scheduling -> Schedules.
  4. Note
    • A task group must always be linked to a schedule with a corresponding event attached to it. For details on creating the whole scheduled event setup, see Standard Backup Procedure.
    • If you already have a configured schedule, you can link your task group to it by clicking the Schedules tab when creating a task group or later in the task group properties window. Once you have configured a schedule, you will have to create a new event for it.

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