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Exit codes can be useful when something unexpected happens, as they can help you find the cause of the error. You may find a more detailed explanation of the possible cause of an exit code in the log file.

The following table contains a list of exit/status codes.

Exit/status code Meaning Colour
0 o O The script/action has been executed successfully/is ok. green
1 i W A warning occurs during the script/action execution. orange
2 X x E e The script/action failed with an error. Termination without anything happening. red
3 C c The script/action has been cancelled. Some data has already been processed. red
Aa The script/action is active. blue
q The script/action is in queue.
d Used for external backups.

You might also check out the Error Messages Guide for more specific errors and Analyzing SEP sesam Log Files that can help you identify and resolve the problem.

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